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COVID-19 Update

Good Day, Community,
Today we received word from Governor Wolfe that ALL PA schools will be closed indefinitely. We will inform you when we are able to return. If your child need’s their computer, we will announce another date for pick up.

While at home, students can improve their grades by completing work from home:
Work From Home Opportunities

Please be safe, 

Buenas tardes, comunidad,
Hoy recibimos noticia de Gobernador Wolfe de que TODAS las escuelas en PA estarán cerradas indefinidamente. Le informaremos cuando podamos regresar. Si su hijo necesita su computadora, anunciaremos otra fecha para recogerla.

Mientras que estén en la casa, pueden subir las notas con este trabajo:
Work From Home Opportunities

Por favor, ten Cuidado, 

Preparing students

La Academia Partnership Charter School (LAPCS), the only tuition-free charter school in Lancaster County, offers students in grades 6 through 12 a unique opportunity to focus on 21st century learning. With our five-year goal of becoming a dual-language school with a STEM focus, La Academia is preparing students to be global citizens and highly skilled workers. Small classes, hands-on learning, and linkages to local employers make La Academia unique and highly relevant for today’s learners.

Our charter school currently has an enrollment of 223 students in grades 6-12. New students are selected by random lottery. LAPCS does not discriminate against students or others on the basis of sex, religion, color, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, physical, mental or emotional or learning disability or handicap. We welcome and value differences among people.


This video was written and produced by the students to show their enthusiasm about their school.

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La Academia receives "Gift-In-Kind" donations.

June 20, 2019
La Academia: The Partnership Charter School receives "Gift-In-Kind" donations from area companies and a grant from the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation for our main entrance Landscaping Beautification Project La...

Student Immunization Requirements

June 20, 2019
The Immunization Regulations for the 2017 -2018 school year have been revised to include additional immunizations. New immunizations include a 4th Polio vaccine for most students in all grades and a...

Welcome Principal Henley!

June 24, 2019
La Academia is pleased to announce the arrival of Mr Henley. In May 2019, La Academia welcomed Mr. Tommy Henley as the new Principal and Head of School. Mr. Henley...

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