Guillermo Barroso, Principal/Chief Executive Officer
Lissette Colon, Administrative Assistant
Kristi Baker Development Manager

Classified Staff
Carlos Santos, Head Custodian/Maintenance
Lisandra Martinez, Cafeteria/Custodian
Jennifer Morales, Cafeteria/Custodian
Dannette Colon, Receptionist

Christina Bowers, ESL
Anthony Boyer, 9-12 Math and Engineering
Alita Carr, Special Education
Alyssa Cross, 6-12 Visual Arts
Amy Ferg, 6th grade
Dana Knowles, 6th grade 
Terri Porter, 6-9 English
Christie Helm, 10-12 Math
Sean Kennedy, 9-12 Biology
Amy Kline, 6-8 Science
Magali Lupian, 9-12 Spanish
Jennifer Palow, Literacy Coordinator
Danielle Plystak, Special Education
Stephen Rally, 10-12 Social Studies
Kevia Santiago, 10-12 English
Brandon Nye, 6-8 Social Studies
Kirsten Shireman, 7-9 Math
Jennifer Schaeffer, 6-12 Health/Physical Education
Edward Webb, Music

Teacher Support Staff
Stevie Glassman, Special Education Para-Professional

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