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Expanding our scholars Intellect


Middle School Program

scholars in 6th Grade are part of the 6th Grade Academy. The goal of this Academy is for scholars to become familiar with La Academia’s culture, learn about Project-Based Learning, and build a team environment. scholars are in a self-contained classroom for most of the day with 2 teachers who co-teach the curriculum.

7th and 8th Grade scholars transition between their classes. scholars continue to study in the Project-Based Learning model and work in teams. Middle School teachers work closely together to ensure that classes are planned cohesively. Projects may overlap over several classes. scholars take Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Gym, and Spanish. scholars can also choose between art, technology, and performing arts for elective classes.

High School Program

In high school, grades 9-12, scholars begin to earn credits for the classes they take. Credits are the path toward graduation. More about our graduation requirements can be found on the Graduation Requirements page. scholars are individually scheduled to meet both their credit needs and their personal passions.

There are several elective choices for high school scholars including Drawing and Painting, Product Design, 3D Printing, and Performing Arts. Gym classes are also interest based and include Basketball, Dance, Yoga, and other scholar selected interests.

Learning Center Programs

Our 21st Century Community Learning Center Program is designed to provide additional individual learning opportunities in core subject areas as well as enrichment.

The scholars who are interested in these programs learn about processes and interests that will help them make decisions about their future after School.

For more information contact La Academia at (717) 295-7763.

This Program is funded Pennsylvania Department of Education’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCOC)

After School Enrichment Classes: A Different Way to Learn

In the after-school programs here at La Academia, we offer a rotating list of extracurricular activities and specialized classes that scholars miss out on in their normal school day. Our goal is to provide scholars with an opportunity to improve their skill set in areas that a normal classroom experience just doesn’t capture. 

Program classes switch between a Monday and Wednesday schedule, a Tuesday and Thursday schedule, and Fridays are usually special event days.

  • Mondays and Wednesdays:
    • Junkyard Drumming
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays:
    • Audio Engineering
    • Minecraft: Education Edition
    • Basketball
Junk Yard Drumming