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Inspired by resources from The Knowledge Network for Innovations in Learning and Teaching (KNILT), research by John Larmer & John Mergendoller, and

To better align our teaching practices with our mission & vision for the school, we provide training to encourage teachers to facilitate academic and real-world experiences in the classroom and beyond. Through our partnership with the New Tech Network (NTN), teachers are challenged to use high-rigor practice using learner-centered skills and techniques.

We strive to close instructional and cultural gaps as we continue to improve our community.

You can explore the research that supports these techniques here!




Project-Based Learning (PBL) means that scholars will:

  • Learn in a scholar-centered, not-teacher-centered environment.
  • Make real-world connections through challenging projects.
  • Build skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.
  • Be assessed on how they apply knowledge to solve authentic problems.
  • Have deeper engagement and interaction with learning content.
  • Develop peer and professional networks.

To be successful in PBL scholars will:

  • Come to school consistently, because good attendance is crucial for authentic learning and collaboration on projects.
  • Fully engage in the work.
  • Interact with members of the community.
  • Be responsible and take agency for their own learning.
  • Come to school and class prepared to be successful.
  • Be graded on collaboration, agency, written communication, oral communication, and content knowledge.



What is Problem-Based Learning?

Scenarios are designed to guide our scholars towards 


How families can support PrBL at home: