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Offering scholars and their caregivers a unique opportunity

La Academia Partnership Charter School (LAPCS), the only tuition-free charter school in Lancaster County, offers scholars in grades 6 through 12 a unique opportunity to focus on 21st century learning. With our five-year goal of becoming a dual-language school with a STEM focus, La Academia is preparing scholars to be global citizens and highly skilled workers. Small classes, hands-on learning, and linkages to local employers make La Academia unique and highly relevant for today’s learners.

Our charter school currently has an enrollment of 223 scholars in grades 6-12. New scholars are selected by random lottery. LAPCS does not discriminate against scholars or others on the basis of sex, religion, color, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, physical, mental or emotional or learning disability or handicap. We welcome and value differences among people.

Scholar Community Agreement

LAPCS believes in the importance of setting forth high expectations for all community members. These scholar community agreements are designed to support the mission and vision of LAPCS to provide a learning environment with a focus on our learning goals aligned with preparing scholars for college and career. Please note that these scholar community agreements are a living document and will be amended and adapted as we learn and grow as a school community.

Download our Scholar Community Agreement