La Academia

Partner With Us


We aim to offer every scholar an excellent education through project-based learning. We believe that education should be applicable to life outside of school as well as inside the classroom. This opportunity to provide growth to our scholars requires resources, materials, and dedicated staff.

If you’d like to invest in the experience of our scholars, please click here.


Whether you’re a veteran teacher or a compassionate mentor, we’d love to have you join us in making an impact on the lives of our scholars. There will always be a need to caring adults to come alongside our scholars to listen, guide, and model good character.

We have opportunities in our After School Program for tutoring, as well as during the day! Please reach out to our school counselor, Nicole Garress to get involved.


You may own a business or you may have a strong desire to share your resources towards our mission. Are you committed to a long-term investment to ensure our work goes uninterrupted? Maybe you’d like to sponsor a classroom, a project, or a scholar!

Please reach out to Jasson Read to find out more and begin making a difference today.

Host A Spirit Day

Are you a local business owner? Imagine having our entire community coming to give you our business? Perhaps you’d like to donate a percentage of proceeds from a day of business toward our mission. What if we could combine these into a mutually beneficial day?

Contact us today to find out how we could partner for a day of community & fun!