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La Academia receives “Gift-In-Kind” donations.

Posted on: June 20th, 2019 by Rick Holberg

La Academia: The Partnership Charter School receives “Gift-In-Kind” donations from area companies and a grant from the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation for our main entrance Landscaping Beautification Project

La Academia: The Partnership Charter School announces Gift-In-Kind donations of landscaping design work from RGS Associates and landscaping work from Tomlinson Bomberger.  The work was completed as a result of the school receiving a $4,820 Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant which was supported by the West Lancaster Lowe’s. 

Nicole Seuffert, Project Manager and Adam Byler, Project Designer of RGS Associates designed a landscaping plan for La Academia.  They are known for ”creating great places where people live, work and play.” They created a sustainable landscape plan for La Academia pro-bono which significantly enhances the exterior appearance of the school’s main entrance on North Ann Street.  In working closely with the Lowe’s Garden Center, Manager Steph Rudy, they selected the best plants for their design.  In addition, they prepared a plant maintenance program for the school.

Tomlinson Bomberger also partnered with La Academia by helping to develop an implementation plan for the beautification project.  They were instrumental in the execution of the project, making sure that we secured all the plants and materials and then managing the planting of numerous varieties of shrubs and plants, mulching and seeding.  Greg Tomlinson worked tirelessly on Saturday, October 14 with a group of dedicated volunteers including staff and scholars from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, La Academia Board members, staff and scholars to bring the project to fruition.   

Heartfelt thanks to the many volunteers to make this project a reality.  These included: Ken Hammel, Project Manager and La Academia Board member, Pam McCarty, Board member, staff and La Academia scholars: Nelian Cruz, Brandon Jacome and Yanoel Lopez.

Michael Gardner, Masonry Instructor, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology volunteered as well as the following scholars: Charles Kelehan, Crystal Krout, Brandt Magolon, Sutter Dolan, Carlos Morales, Jacob Sensenig, Vincent Freeman, Stanislav Levchuk, Cian Loftus, Breona Hughes and Mehki Rogers.

La Academia staff also volunteered their time to work on the project including: Lissette Colon, Christie Helm, Brandon Nye and Sean Kennedy.  Staff family members also worked hard on the project.

The school’s appearance from North Ann Street has been greatly enhanced by the dedication and commitment of Lowe’s, RGS Associates, Tomlinson Bomberger, and Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, all coming together to support La Academia.

Heartfelt thanks to all your hard work to help make the property at La Academia so beautiful!