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Board-Approved (7/28/2021) Reopening Plan

Key Items from our plan:

  • Families are asked to screen scholars for symptoms before they come to school and to stay home if the scholar is feeling sick. 
  • Masks will be required for scholars, staff, and visitors at all times when indoors at school unless you are eating or drinking or have a documented medical reason. 

We understand that the return to in-person learning is going to be a significant adjustment for not only the scholars but our families and community. We are asking for a collective patience and willingness to work together through these times to ensure we are providing what is necessary to promote scholar achievement.

As a school we will maintain constant communication with our scholars, families, and communities through school messenger, emails, mailings, and our respective social media platforms. If for any reason, contact information changes, please inform us so we can keep you informed!

The LAPCS staff is ready to partner with you in service of our scholars learning and growing in a safe and supportive environment this school year.

LAPCS is committed to maintaining a safe, clean, and healthy environment for both our scholars and staff. We have taken the following actions to ensure this as mentioned in our board approved reopening plan:

  • Every instructional area and office space will be ventilated through portable air cleaners, central air unit with HEPA Filters, and/or open windows;
  • Hand sanitizer stations are positioned at the entrance of the buildings. As well as throughout the hallways and classrooms;
  • Daily cleaning of buildings will continue to occur at night by a third party service provider. Additionally LAPCS maintenance staff will clean the restrooms, hand railings, and door handles throughout the day. In the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case in the school, LAPCS will consider additional disinfection of the building as directed by local health officials;
  • Reasonable efforts have been taken to provide spacing in the instructional and offices spaces in the school;

LAPCS will continue to monitor the guidance and mandates provided by federal, state and local agencies to stop the spread of COVID-19.


LAPCS is not mandating scholars to be vaccinated for the 21-22 Academic Year. We do support and encourage our scholars being vaccinated as the COVID-19 vaccines are the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Through our partnership with Union Community Care, LAPCS will be offering our scholars over the age of 12 the opportunity to be vaccinated (with parent consent) at our school health clinic. Information regarding vaccinations will be provided to families during our Back to School Open House on Tuesday, August 17 between 5pm – 9pm.

Daily Screening Protocols / Covid Testing

Consistent with our Board approved reopening plan, all school staff will be screened daily and we are asking the family of scholars to screen for COVID-19 before coming to school. We ask both scholars and staff to stay at home when sick this year.

  • Mask are required at all times, except when eating or drinking in designated areas
  • Frequently washing hands and sanitizing while onsite.

It takes ALL of us to stop the spread in our communities and maintain a safe, clean, and healthy LAPCS environment. Contact LAPCS immediately, via email or via phone 717.295.7763: 

**Matrix created using information from PA Health Department **


Will scholars and staff have to wear a mask at LAPCS?

Yes. Anyone in the school buildings, including scholars, staff, and visitors are required to wear a mask at all times indoors and on transportation provided by their home district. Scholars do not have to mask when eating and drinking during meals during designated meal times (see below). Scholars with medical conditions are required to provide medical documentation and the school will accommodate.

How will LAPCS ensure proper ventilation? 

Vaccination, proper masking, routine building cleanings and hand washing are important mitigation strategies that will be in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. LAPCS has prioritized a healthy and continuous fresh air flow in all of our indoor spaces. Since March 2020, we have made the following changes to our air system to ensure our scholars are in safe, clean and healthy learning environments: upgraded several of our HVAC Units, installed HEPA Filters in the units, and placed additional portable classroom HEPA Air Scrubbers units for spaces that will require windows to be closed during the fall and winter seasons. The LAPCS leadership team will continue to monitor guidance from our local agencies and PDE regarding the proper ventilation of our indoor spaces.

How will scholars be served/eat meals during the school day? 

Meals will be served in our cafeteria space during the designated breakfast and lunch periods. During these periods scholars will be permitted to take their masks off to eat or drink. Scholars will have to put their masks back on when not eating or drinking. Scholars will also be asked to remain seated in their areas until meal consumption is completed.

Breakfast is served daily between 7:15am – 7:45am. Lunch is served 11:52 am – 12:47pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On half-days (Wednesday) Lunch is provided as a grab and go option after the schools dismissal at 12:45 pm. LAPCS will not allow scholars or staff to eat in the classrooms during instructional time. However, water or juice in a clean container is permitted. Over the summer the school had four purified touchless water stations installed throughout the school to provide both scholars and staff access to clean water.

Will physical distancing protocols be enforced? 

We have taken reasonable actions to ensure adequate distancing in our instructional spaces. Physical and social distancing will be encouraged in the public spaces throughout the school via signage and staff reminders to scholars during their morning advisory periods. Additionally our masking strategies, cleaning protocols, ventilation upgrades, and increasing vaccinations of both staff and scholars will be effective for mitigating the transmission and spread of COVID-19 within the LAPCS spaces.

If my scholar has a health reason for not attending school in person, what are our options? 

Please contact LAPCS Principal Amy Ferg via email at or by phone 7172957763 regarding the health factors that may prevent your scholar(s) from attending in-person. LAPCS is currently not offering a virtual option for the 21-22 Academic Year. However, we will continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and this may change if state or local guidance is adjusted based on the rate of transmissions within Lancaster County or state.