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Who we are:

Starting out as an after-school passion project, our esports activities have grown a lot over the years. Beginning in early 2017, with limited technology resources, teachers joined together to provide access to the Education Edition of Minecraft by offering their work computers as learning kiosks twice a week. Our scholars participated in weekly group puzzles and collaborative challenges that practiced code writing, chemistry & biology concepts, and mathematical estimations. These activities were great entry points to make in-class material more approachable.

Thanks to partnerships with the Lancaster STEM Alliance and the Emerald Foundation – the program quickly expanded its focus to include more career-driven pathways centered around SEL practices and team roles. Participating as one of NASEF‘s first east-coast competitive teams (the only one in competitive rankings) in the fall of 2018 was the first of many major milestones for the program. In the summer of 2019, the school was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Dart Foundation designed to acquire 3D printers and Raspberry Pi single-board computers to practice basic coding and develop a mini-computer sign-out system for home use; the team members practiced and developed 3D modeling techniques we continue to use today.

Later in 2019, through the PAsmart Advancing Grant in collaboration with the Emerald Foundation‘s management, over $50,000 in computer equipment and network upgrades were awarded to the school to upgrade and expand our space. Since then, our teams continue to participate in competitive tournaments across the state of PA and the national stage without losing the collaborative exercises that provide authentic problem-solving situations and push scholars to take ownership of the team’s direction. In December of 2022, our junior varsity team won the PIEA Division C State Championship for Rocket League! ( <– AOA – Our JV team, All Out Assault, played under LAPC in the tournament and became Fall 2022 State Champions!)

Thank you for joining us on this adventure! We hope to see you on the field.

Sean Kennedy, Esports General Manager



What we do:

Our scholastic esports program at La Academia is centered around establishing roles and responsibilities early on with NASEF’s Esports Ecosystem while using project and problem-based strategies to set benchmarks throughout a scholar’s experiences in our program. We start the adventure by allowing scholars to select their team representative officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) to handle their team’s overall direction/focus throughout each quarter. Once we set those expectations, members select their quarterly domain (Strategists, Content Creators, Entrepreneurs, Organizers) and choose projects that apply to their specific division. They will move within and between different roles while working to achieve these collaborative goals.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License attributed to the North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF)*

Over the years we’ve had scholars complete a number of custom projects, including:

  • Merchandise & Product Design – 3D Modeling (keychains, figurines, placards, Pi cases, etc) & Graphic Design (jerseys, flyers, logos, etc.)
  • Website & Coding/Programming – Coding Sampling & Web-based Apps
  • Video Game & Character Design – Character Modeling & Scene Design
  • Event Planning and Fundraising – Event Nights –> (Run by the team!)
  • PC Building and Troubleshooting – Virtual and Hands-on Practices
  • Video Editing – Web-based HD Video Processing Tools & Techniques
  • … and SO MUCH MORE!


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Group Snapshots

    Team SFT – League of Legends Squad

  • Our varsity team consists of 13 active members participating in tournaments this season for League of Legends and Rocket League.


    Team AOA – Rocket League Trio

  • Our junior varsity team consists of 13 active members participating in tournaments this season for League of Legends and Rocket League.


Team NKC – After School

  • Our after-school team consists of a mix of middle school and high school members. There are 20+ active members participating in tournaments for Rocket League, Overwatch 2, and Valorant.


Game Schedule

  • Check here for upcoming dates for each of our competitions:
    • AEA (Post-Season)




  • LAPCS x Zoetropolis Tourney (4/2/2023)

  • “A Day in the Studio” – LAPCS x The Emerald Foundation x Triode Media Group (4/4/2023)