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Dear La Academia Scholar-Athlete, 

On behalf of the La Academia Athletic Department, welcome to La Academia Partnership Charter School. We are proud that you have chosen La Academia to jump start your educational and athletic career.

La Academia values the important role academics combined with athletics play in contributing to a college bound education. We have found that combining athletics with academics yields emotional growth in our communities both as individuals and from being part of a team. Sports fill a vital role in our scholars overall success. 

As a former High School, College and Professional Sportsmen, I know athletics played a major role in shaping my life. Being involved in athletics helped me build healthy habits when it came to the choices I made in my young adult years. I gained life skills in time management, problem solving, and delegation all while overcoming adversity barriers. When athletics and academics come together it creates a holistic approach that builds character for lifelong achievement.

I take pride in returning to my forever home in Lancaster City. It is here that I am able to bring my experiences and knowledge to our youth at La Academia. It is my goal to provide our scholars with an abundance of opportunities. I want them to know that hardwork and dedication do pay off. I also plan to lead our youth with a holistic approach that empowers them to reach scholar achievement. Academic and athletic departments will work together to build our community. 

As we continue to build our sports programming, we would like to have community involvement.

We want your input on providing ways to ensure equitable access for youth that is fair and promising for their futures. If you are interested in becoming a part of our mission either as a donor, sponsor, or mentor, please contact me at


Jerry Johnson, Athletic Director


Upcoming Sports


Boy’s Varsity Basketball

Over the past two years, La Academia Partnership Charter School, Lancaster’s only tuition-free, minority-based charter school, has gone from a school with no athletic program to a District 3 Boys Basketball Champion. As a school that prides itself on creating opportunities for underrepresented communities, we are proud of our athletic accomplishments thus far. However, this hasn’t come without its challenges. Our team has overcome the following:

No Home Gym or Training Facility; our team utilizes local gym space for practice and has partnered with local trainers to ensure our scholar-athletes are physically prepared and conditioned for their season.

No Local Opponents; despite our Single-A status, most local teams have refused to play us, causing us to travel an hour or more to ensure we get games.

That compounded by the lack of support by not being a part of a league has left us on an island, causing us to fight an uphill battle. However, like true Leones, we have fought with pride and never complained. Unfortunately, on Thursday, February 17th, leadership from PIAA District 3 informed us that two of our players were deemed ineligible for our district playoff game on Monday, February 21st. This ruling resulted from an investigation following a complaint ( one of numerous throughout the year) by our opponent for Monday night’s game. We understand that our “overnight” success has caused us to be under a microscope and intimated many of our opponents. However, we have always played by the rules and lived out our mission of “Empowering scholars to be the best they can be.” We have overcome so much these past two seasons, but this ruling by District 3 has tied our hands. That said, it’s with disappointment that we will be forfeiting tonight’s game.

In the spirit of Black History Month and the great words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, “The movement for equality and justice can only be a success if it has both a mass and militant character; the barriers to be overcome require both.”

We will overcome, and we will be back.

We look forward to defending our District 3 title in the 2022 – 2023 season.

La Academia Partnership Charter School – Athletic Department


Visit our LAPCS Basketball page or contact Coach Johnson for more information.



Intro Level Softball/Baseball (coed), Fall & Spring

Visit our LAPCS Baseball page or contact Coach Alvarez for more information.


eSports Program

Visit our LAPCS eSports page or contact Coach Kennedy for more information.


La Academia continues to build a sports infrastructure, a sports community, and a sports culture for our scholars. We have other resources and partnerships with other schools to help with sporting opportunities that we don’t offer at the moment. If there is a sport you’d like to take part in, please reach out to our Athletic Director, Jerry Johnson to help facilitate your sporting accommodations.