La Academia

La Academia

Board of Directors

Executive Team

Colleen Wagner  email

Christopher Boyd  email
Vice President

C. Ted Darcus  email


Aida Ceara email

Kenneth Hammel, AIA  email

Victor Ramos, MBA  email

Carlos Graupera  email

Leo Silva-Tavarez  email

Jessica Gehman  email

Jessica Edonick email

James A. Rovito  email

Guy V. Kingree III email


Non-Voting Education Liaisons:

Steve Rally, Secretary to the Board  email

Aidalis Lopez, Parent Representative  email

Britney Smith, Teacher Representative  email

Robin Goodson, SDoL Representative

Pam McCartney, IU 13 Representative  email


Board of Directors Meeting:

The Board of Directors meet at LAPCS on the 4th Wednesday of every month.